The Taegeukgi is Korea's national flag. We calling it 'Everyone's Taegeukgi'. We started this project with the hope that Taegeukgi would not become a monopoly of some organizations. The flag of a nation is an identity that should be loved by all the people.

People always wanted to express your patriotism, but they did not bother with it? It is easy and convenient way to hoist the Taegeukgi by repeating the pasting of any place. This product is very simple and interesting cause it designed in two parts. It's looks like a Lego. 

You can always hoist the 'Taegeukgi' 365 days a year.
The 'I'm Korean' campaign is produces national brand goods that symbolized the Taegeukgi. The Taegeukgi is a precious asset that Korean should love and care for. Through well-made the Taegeukgi Goods, we aim to become the Taegeukgi Goods brand that everyone loves. Design Studio Adaption plans national brand goods using the Taegeukgi through 'I'm Korean' campaign.

2018 Seoul Design Festival, I'm Korean Booth (12 Dec. 2018 ~ 16 Dec. 2018)

Extraordinary Insights
Design Studio, Adaption
We have been looking for the right design solution to solve complex problems and researching about the essence of brands and objects. We have respect for human centered design values, verify the viability of new business and study the feasibility of new technologies. We believe that a new model of design innovation that we think will be completed when human centered usability, business viability and feasibility of technology are completed.

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