Advanced Transcutaneous Oxygen Sensor for Medical Applications

LOXSA is an innovative transcutaneous oxygen sensor designed to measure tissue oxygen pressure (TCPO2), a critical indicator for diagnosing and treating diseases caused by hypoxia. Conditions such as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), diabetic ulcers, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory disorders can be effectively monitored using TCPO2 levels. LOXSA offers a non-invasive, precise, and user-friendly solution, transmitting real-time data wirelessly to medical professionals' mobile devices, ensuring seamless patient care.

Currently, available TCPO2 measurement solutions are prohibitively expensive, cumbersome, and lack continuous monitoring capabilities. LOXSA addresses these issues with its cost-effective, wearable design, providing reliable and continuous TCPO2 monitoring.

The sensor operates using a phosphorescent film that detects oxygen levels through optical methods. The device consists of a film, light source, and photodiode. The film absorbs oxygen from the skin, and its optical properties change under the light source, with these changes detected by the photodiode. This sophisticated sensor development required an extensive and interdisciplinary effort, integrating chemistry, materials science, and electrical engineering.

Designed as a small, thin circular disc, LOXSA can be attached to any part of the body using a quad-lock structure for easy attachment and detachment. The disposable sensing film, made from ultra-thin material, and the main module are securely fastened, ensuring accurate oxygen level measurements. The main module is crafted from solid aluminum for precision and stability, with a flexible rubber fastening structure that conforms to the body's curves, and a hard plastic central part for secure attachment.

All materials used in LOXSA have passed rigorous safety tests. The main module is reusable, promoting environmental sustainability. The product's design optimizes component arrangement, uses lightweight materials, and features an efficient circuit design, culminating in a compact and comfortable wearable biosensor.

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LOXSA Exploded View, 2024' CES in Las Vegas

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