Leading the Autonomous Driving Technology Industry
Bitsensing is at the forefront of the global autonomous driving technology industry. Leveraging extensive expertise in radar technology, we have been recognized by major players such as Samsung Electronics and Nvidia, having been selected for their startup incubation programs. Groundbreaking innovations have earned us the prestigious Innovation Award at the CES in Las Vegas, positioning us as a tech startup that the world is watching.

Wellune: Revolutionizing Sleep Health Management
Bitsensing's Wellune is a sophisticated device designed to manage sleep health, facilitating not only recovery but also comprehensive health monitoring. Wellune offers continuous, 24/7 sleep monitoring, providing insights into elusive health and sleep conditions. Traditional polysomnography tests are often costly and challenging to maintain over time. In contrast, Wellune uses radar sensors to detect sleep states and employs AI technology to analyze sleep quality and symptoms. With advanced AI, it detects biometric signals and sleep respiration every 15 seconds, providing detailed health analyses without compromising safety, thanks to the 60GHz mmWave radar waves that reflect off the skin without penetrating tissue.

Seamless Integration and Intuitive Health Insights
The minimalist design of Wellune seamlessly integrates into any environment. Through mobile-connected daily reports, users can intuitively track various health metrics, such as the frequency of breathing disturbances and patterns similar to those seen in dementia patients. Wellune's functionalities can be customized to meet user needs based on installation location, number of devices, and mode settings.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Precision and Safety
Wellune combines precise sensing technology that remotely detects breathing and carotid artery movements during sleep with AI technology that compares data to hospital polysomnography databases. This state-of-the-art product uses harmless micro-radar waves to deliver unparalleled health insights, ensuring safety and reliability.

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