Latin 'HOSPES' is derived from 'Hospitality' which means 'Guest', 'Pilgrim', 'Stranger' and is now used as 'Hotel'. The accommodation was developed around a medieval monastery, and at that time, hospitals and hotels were perceived as the same concept because they provided accommodation for the sick. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a facility to treat sick and wounded, to provide shelter for the aged and the elderly, and to nurse. In this sense, modern service industry like hotel is called Hospitality Industry. They call 'Guest' rather than 'Customer'. Hospitality is a service that transcends the dimension of service and offers the best service with the kindness and sincerity to the guests, such as 'Home Away from Home'.

We have created a new user experience for Yeongjongdo Nest Hotel, which stands between the boutique hotel and the business hotel. The first goal was to provide the unique service and experience of the Nest Hotel so that it could be fully enjoyed within the hotel. The second goal was to provide reasonable and convenient services based on the hotel's systematic system. Because the ultimate goal of the Nest Hotel through these services is the customer's return.

UX Design Concept - Home away from home
When the evening is over, he opens the door and as he enters the room, the familiar landscape welcomes him. He has already visited five times in this hotel overlooking the sea of Yeongjong Island. He works at a UK branch of a trading company and comes on a business trip to Korea headquarters two or three times a year.
He enters the room, sets up a carrier, takes off his jacket, spits on the sofa and sits on the bedside. He takes his hand with the music player next to him. Ryuichi Sakamoto's music flows through the speaker with a click.
Two years ago, on the first day of check-in at the Nest Hotel, he entered the hotel a little earlier than usual, and he took a stroll near the hotel for dinner. At the seaside, where he had not expected much, he was welcomed by the beauty of Yeongjongdo. It was a wonderful sunset. Sometimes when you stand in front of an overwhelming landscape in which something can not be said, there is a moment when you forget to even think about pressing the shutter. The red sea of the day with the smell of the west sea gave to him such a moment. It was a feeling of being rewarded for the hard journey from London to Incheon. And the way back to the room, the beautiful piano melody beyond the lobby, he searched for songs from the music library and it was "Amore" by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
The album, which I listened to in the library viewing corner, was sent to the music player after being posted in the hotel room. After that, every time he enters the Nest Hotel, he starts to play music like a habit.
To him, Yeongjongdo and Nest Hotel are always connected with delicate piano by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
His bedside has a dual time clock that is timed for British and Korean time. This watch is always meticulously tailored to the time of this place and the time of England. England is still in the morning. It will be an excuse to call at this time, so he takes his laptop out of his bag to send an email and check the news in Korea.
As he goes to the business table in the middle of the room, LAN cable is always ready. When he first came to the Nest Hotel, he asked for LAN cable directly. But now LAN cables are always installed on his desk. The more he visits a hotel, the fewer things he cares about.
He took a shower in the hot water and relieved fatigue. He used all the towels in the bathroom. After the shower, he thought he would run out of towels for tomorrow morning. Nest Hotel does not need to call and ask for these minor things. Anyone can ask directly from the screen. After selecting the towel of the desired size and setting the quantity, the housekeeper came up and handed the basket with the towel.
He enjoys tea lightly with a tea bag in the room, reads a book borrowed from the hotel library, and sleeps quietly.
He is ready to leave the hotel and is sitting on the sofa and reading the book he read last night. A phone call came from the hotel front desk that a taxi for him was ready. He places the book he reads on the table and finishes the checkout right from the room through the screen. He leaves the hotel looking forward to the next visit. No matter when he will return to the hotel, the Nest Hotel will welcome him with the familiar piano sound.
In a small pebble he received from the hotel, it was automatically storing information on the places he went to while he stayed at the hotel, the music he listened to, and the books he read. A small microchip is built in the pebble that is collected from Yeongjong Island, so all the information about it is stored. His information is only accessible while he is staying at the hotel. If he hands the pebble to the hotel at the next visit, the hotel will use that information to provide the best service for him.

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