Cheil Industries Vision Initiative 2020

In June 2011, Cheil Industries announced its vision in 2020, changing the corporate identity. We produced this video in Songdo's convention hall with a screen size of 60 meter. We had to spend two months to make this video. Cheil Industries was able to look into the future of the company in 2020 by watching about 12 minutes video.
Starting with a prologue consisting of points, lines and faces, we constructed the images to predict the future of 2020 beyond imaginary walls. And in the epilogue, Cheil Industries' new corporate identity, Sphere, Cube, and Cone, were used to construct the images. At the end of the video, asked to the employees about future of 2020 of the Cheil Industries, and this video ends.

Concept Design - Tone of Motion and Sound


In this 21st Century, the world is becoming increasingly complex and changing at an incredible pace. In 2020, 10 years from now, what will our future hold?  In this next decade, we must ask ourselves this question seriously, and begin to seek what opportunities and dangers lie ahead. A scholar once stated “The future is not something we enter. It is something we create.” The future is in our hands. It is what we make of it. And it is through a deep understanding of the present, the people and technology of our times, that we can begin to understand, mold, and nurture the future. In other words, The future of tomorrow begins today. The advances and innovations we see today are direct results of the seeds planted from the people of the past 10 years. And these innovations have all deeply affected the way people live and interact. From the expansion of the internet and mobile phones, which have created a world of limitless communication and information, to the shift in world power as nations like China and India rapidly industrialize, people have begun to see hints of the future to come. A different, increasingly borderless world with instant access to connections, any time and any place, living and working beyond traditional walls. We, those who have lived in the first 10 years of the 21st century, now stand at the turning point of a new era, and have entered the doorway into a new world.

Final Movie (Excepted body parts 180 secs - Issued confidential information)

Beyond the Walls of Imagination
What will we be like in the future, 10 years from now, in 2020? Let’s dive in….to the future of your imagination.

Technology (The Future) - 45secs
Information, Bio, and Nano technologies, the industries that are now cutting edge and paving the path for future innovations, will violently shake all aspects of human life. Mobile broadband will eventually make rapid progress, stabilize, and work effortlessly at extremely high speeds. High bandwidth multimedia and massive data transfers will work from anywhere on the go, at any time and any place. We’ll start to see a convergence of the virtual world and the physical world through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Holograms, which will create a new level of interactivity, maximizing people’s immersion and intimacy with technology. These cutting edge technologies will drive a market with limitless expansion and further innovations. 

Products & Services (New Change) - 45secs
10 years from now, people will demand more and more from companies to cater to their ever-changing lifestyles. We will begin to see a completely new range of products, services, and markets emerge. Cars that travel safely by themselves, a shopping mall with a holographic clerk that guides shoppers; smart glasses that respond to real-life environments, analyzing and displaying information as they are observed. All of these things will not only become a reality, but will work faster and seamless like never before, and will enhance the whole end-to-end product experience -- maximizing sales and attracting potential customers. Companies that innovate their strategies for creating more intimate experiences with their products and services to sustain brand loyalty and integrity, will thrive.

Environment  - 45secs
For the next ten years, we will face a monumental challenge as we try to protect the environment while consuming natural resources. We will see High-tech industries, focused on green technologies, rise in importance. Their technologies such as: Utilizing solar energy and rainwater to create ‘green’ buildings; Smart grid systems that minimize family energy consumption; Smart cities and traffic systems that reduce carbon emissions; And ‘green’ energy-efficient hybrid cars; will all gain great significance in the future. The ideal environments of the future will focus on people and their needs, and will incorporate advanced, environmentally-friendly technologies that will ultimately lead to a more sustainable global world.

Humanity & Culture (Life & Creation ) - 45secs
Products and services that emerge from new technologies will focus on highly evolved, sensible customers. In order to maintain superior competitiveness, companies must learn to understand these new types of customers and begin to view them as players on a global stage. Customers themselves will be the market changers of tomorrow and will be active participants in the future of products. Companies will have to adapt a global, transparent mindset and learn to work intimately with them. Companies must also constantly maintain a high level of creative and artistic value to remain culturally relevant to consumers and modern society. We, as Korea’s number one fashion company, need to widely publicize our own special culture and creativity; work on actualizing the dreams of people in the world; and offer meaning and value that will make the hearts of the world beat.

The next ten years will be a mix of both struggle and progress. On one hand, we might see nations collapse and political systems inevitably fail. On the other, we could see an era of the fastest growth and progress the world has ever seen. We must ask ourselves: “Who and where do we want to be.” *** (adds 2 secs – but it’s a  smoother transition) It is our ultimate responsibility to actively participate and understand the changes occurring in the world, and get ourselves ready for the next ten years.
What does your 2020 look like?

Written by Deokhee Jeong, in 2011

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