Smart Case, meets Hyundai Card

Hyundai Card of Korea and Tangram have collaborated to co-design and develop a Smart Case for iPhone 5/5s. This special project between the one of the Korea's leading credit card companies (famous for their designs) and Tangram has been forged with Hyundai Card's desire to allow more fluid access for transactions for the customers, while providing better exposure of Hyundai cards to the general public. Hyundai Card wanted the credit cards be fully visible, stand-out, and look beautiful inside the Tangram Smart Case. The Smart Case 3 was developed to incorporate all of these different imaginations.
New design optimized for iPhone 5s

Perfectly harmonized with innovative design of the iPhone 5/5s, the Smart Case 3 has been designed to protect the iPhone from external shock while the improved design of the card compartment houses a maximum of two credit cards; all this without adding excess bulk and maintaining convenient to use. On top of this, a metal latch mounted on the back can be fitted with the included finger strap that is designed to be compatible with the Apple iPod Touch loop.
Smart Case 3 has been designed to hold up to 2 credit cards. When using the included EMW (Electromagnetic Wave) Absorbing Card, it can hold one traffic card together with EMW Absorbing Card. The recognition of the traffic card or ID card is much improved. For those who carry only one credit card, Smart Case 3 has been designed to hold a credit card fixed stable without gaps as a result of detailed designing of the inside structure. The carefully designed groove on the upper area of the case enables smooth insertion and extraction of the card.

EMW(Electromagnetic Wave) Absorbing Card

The EMW(Electromagnetic Wave) Absorbing Card design of Hyundai Cards (M3/Zero/M) is included and the recognition of the traffic card is been improved. The EMW Absorbing Card absorbs the electromagnetic waves from the Smaprtphone and improves the traffic card recognition
Behavior Experience Design

When we look carefully, we can see that there are hundreds of objects around us. Each object has their own function, and we sometimes don’t even take notice of them even while using them. But then again, some objects we adore, while some we continue to complain about. The funny thing is, many of those objects are used for purposes other than their intended uses. And many times, the user will make changes to the object and use it for a completely new purpose. This shows that there is such a thing as design from behavior, and this is the design aspect that even the original designer of the object never would have imagined. We, at Tangram Design Lab, seek out such hidden behavior and apply it to the product, creating enhanced user experience and ultimately a better lifestyle.

In that sense, the Behavior Design Products that Tangram seeks to develop are not overly complicated products. They are simple intuitive products that we use in our everyday lives. We’re not saying the products are simple because of their design or structure. We’re saying they’re simple because they’re intuitive to use. And in order to develop such simple products, we need to fully understand the essential function of the object, while exploring the various relations it has to other objects and the diverse experiences that happen in relation to its use. When these observations are combined in one product, we get something that people say are ‘different in a way, but still familiar,’ or something that have people exclaim how ‘it’s much better using the product this way.' It is this kind of seemingly trivial, but still important emotional experience that completes the ultimate goal of ‘experience design.’ And that’s the ultimate Behavior Design that Tangram is working towards.

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